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SandyRose Bears

Personalised Handmade gifts and memorial items 

Made with love in honour of someone very special 

our family business

Here at SandyRose Bears we have always loved creating items that mean something special, but also every items holds a personal meaning to me. 

With our extensive range of of gifts and items, we have everything you need when looking for that something special.

My Name is Gemma and I created SandyRose bears as a way to honour my mum Sandra who sadly passed away in August 2020

My heart was broken but i wanted to channel that pain into something good, something that could provide not only myself but other people a small bit of comfort but also honour my mum at the same time so, 
I started making  Handmade personalised Rose bears , memory Bears and a very special range of baby blankets to keep babies born with wings snuggled forever with extra special touches.

And SandyRose Bears was born 

Our Memory Bears are carefully handmade from loved ones clothing or fabric that holds a special meaning to you.
They can be made from your baby's first baby grow or childhood blanket, the clothing from that special someone you have lost to your favourite football strip. Our bears are handmade just for you so no two bears will ever be the same.
The keepsake Bear, keeps precious memories safe in a specially-designed compartment suitable for storing ashes, or other much-loved keepsakes.

why the baby range I hear you ask ??? 

In 2004 I had my son Samuel, who was born at 30wks weighing a whopping 3lb 3oz. 

 There a few things that have always stuck with me from that  time. I remember I felt I missed out on getting to feel the excitement of dressing my new born baby in his going home outfit.

 when he was big and healthy enough to wear clothes, they were still to big or ill fitting and a pain with all the wires and tube it became so frustrating as i just wanted to do what other mum's got to do and put my baby in cute outfits i had waited so long to see him in. 

I remember wishing there was a range designed to over come the those things.

My baby is now all grown up but the idea has never left me so reached out and  spent some time working with an amazing charity TinybutMighty Swindon and some lovely NICU parents and babies and finally created a very special range of NICU, neonatal, special care baby clothes and accessories.

Not only are they stylish and cute but importantly they have been specially designed be practical by working with wires and tubes instead of getting in the way or causing problems.

All items are made from a mix of 100% cotton , cotton knit Jersey and organic lily cotton ensuring they are safe, soft and gentle for baby's skin.

The vests come with 4 opening sections ensuring dressing your baby is simple, quick, easy and no monitors or tubes will be disturbed or need to be removed.
The simple super soft Velcro is used so is always gentle on the skin and it also ensures instant removal in case of an emergency.

The dungarees come in 2 sections ensuring dressing your baby is simple, quick, easy and no monitors need to be removed.
The simple snapper design also ensures the front can be removed so the clothing is interchangeable if more than one is purchased, it also ensures instant removal in case of an emergency.
Each item can also be personalised with an embroidered name on the chest making a very special and personalised first outfit and keepsake.

the biggest thing i wanted to achieve when designing this range was to provide clothing to work with baby's surroundings not against them and to give parents the ability to do something so normal like dressing their baby in an outfit when they are going through something so out of their control.

Everything we offer is Handmade and designed by myself which means i can adjust or change anything you see you are looking for something very particular 

All NICU clothing Patterns and photo's are owned and trademarked by Sandyrose bears.

Please ensure it is safe and your baby is ready for clothing by speaking to your health care professional


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